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March 16, 2017




Thursday, March 16, 2017


The Alleghany Highlands Community Services Board held the November board meeting on March 16, 2017 at 4:00 p.m. at Life Skills located at 550 Pine Street in Clifton Forge, Virginia.


PRESENT:   Anne Dean, Teresa Johnson, Nolan Nicely, Jr., Connie Back, Robert Johnson, Jr., and Rev. Bill Gilliland.


ABSENT:  Lisa Hicks, Robin Mieras, Terrie Wright


Also present:  Ingrid W. Barber, Executive Director; Angie Goodbar, Director of Developmental Disabilities Services; Adam Kenny, IT Manager; Nancy Curry, QI Manager, Crystal Homer, Human Resources Manager, Patty Flanagan; and Felicia Prescott, Director of Outpatient and Support Services.


Anne Dean called the meeting to order at 4:10 p.m.


Welcome:  Danielle Ross, Consultant, One Team Services, Netsmart


Communications:  Letter to the Editor (March is Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month)

Thank You card from Terri Wright

Donations from Anne Dean and Jill Moersh for the Client Assistance Fund



MOTION:  That the Board approve the minutes of the November 17, 2016 regular meeting.

MOTION:  Teresa Johnson

SECOND:   Nolan Nicely, Jr.

VOTE:  Unanimous



Mental Health & Substance Abuse

Felicia Prescott submitted the following report:


February brought a visit from the new DBHDS licensing inspector. He reviewed a few charts in Credible and visited New Beginnings.



Felicia provided a verbal summary of the Community Needs Assessment completed by the prevention program.


The final part of the Community Needs Assessment was an Executive Summary, which was submitted to the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services on2/15/17.


Debbie Burns, the Prevention Services supervisor, and I attended a one day training on Strategic Planning presented by OMNI, the consultant for the DBHDS Wellness Department. The training was in preparation for working with the coalition to develop goals and strategies related to community needs assessment that address the current substance abuse issue identified in this community. A coalition has been invited to work on developing the goals on March 22 and 23.


Debbie also provided a presentation to Scott Hill Assisted Living Facility on January 20, 2017 in Clifton Forge to 22 residents, staff and community members about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The presentation included signs and symptoms of SAD as well as coping skills to use to assist with the disorder.


Outpatient Psychiatry:

Telehealth continues to be successful with an extremely low no show rate.  Dr. Rosse is contracted to continue through June 2017. The search for a psychiatrist continues.


Program Expansion:

A.R.T. is a major program expansion and enhancement project.


Addiction Recovery Treatment Services meetings continue, with plans to implement the Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Program in April 2017. MAT will bring a Suboxone Clinic to AHCS. In addition to the Suboxone clinic, peer services will be expanded and become billable.


Dana Hiner, RN, has become full time as the Buprenorphine/MAT Coordinator.


AHCS will be providing community education during the upcoming months.


Developmental Services

Angie Goodbar provided the following report:

  • March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. In 1987, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed March as “Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month”. AHCS strives to enable individuals with developmental disabilities to exercise self-determination, be independent, be productive, be integrated, and included in all facets of community life. AHCS will raise awareness and support the theme of “Inclusion Counts”. AHCS will be recognizing entities in the community that have been willing to engage individuals with disabilities in volunteer opportunities. AHCS delivered donuts and words of appreciation to each entity. A press release will be published in March.
  • The “Night to Shine” event in Roanoke was a success. Sixteen individuals attended along with AHCS employees. The individuals had their hair styled and nails manicured, ate a nice dinner, enjoyed a limo ride and walked down the red carpet to an amazing prom event. Everyone enjoyed getting all dressed up and celebrating! Thanks to the AHCS employees and the Tim Tebow Foundation for making this event successful.
  • Developmental Services (DS) supervisors have been busy training and retraining employees so they meet the competencies set forth by DBHDS. All employees have been retrained on the new Direct Support Professional Orientation Workbook. The supervisors observed employees for competencies in health and safety, autism services, and behavioral challenges. These competencies were demonstrated by February 28, 2017 and documented in the employees’ personnel files.
  • Developmental Services welcomed Delmarva auditors February 6-10. The auditors conducted reviews of case management, residential in-home, day support and congregate residential services. They interviewed individuals and families receiving services, visited sites, reviewed records in the electronic health record and examined personnel files. The auditors gave technical assistance and suggestions on best practices.
  • Grants: AHCS is still in the process of refurbishing the second and third floor of the Moody Building which houses the Life Skills Day Support Program. Paint has been purchased with the $5,000 grant from Home Depot. A contingency of the grant was that volunteers from the community must complete the painting project. AHCS employees volunteered two days to paint the training room. Members of the Odd Fellows Club, Women’s Club and WestRock have also volunteered to paint rooms and hallways on the second floor.

On January 31st, the Director of Developmental Services submitted a grant application to the Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT). AHCS applied for a 14 passenger bus with a wheelchair lift for the psychosocial day program, a minivan with a ramp for Friendship Residence, and a minivan with a ramp for the community engagement program.

AHCS was awarded the USDA Community and Facilities Grant for $24,900 to purchase thirty five chrome books for residential in-home services, air conditioners for the Moody Building and eleven laptops for mental health services. This is a matching grant wherein USDA will pay 55% of the grant and AHCS will match the remaining amount.

  • Partnerships/Community Events:

Ingrid Barber, Executive Director, and Angie Goodbar, I/DD Director, met with Gary Keener at Dabney Lancaster Community College, to discuss opportunities for AHCS employees to access the Workforce Development Grant and obtain their CNA license. AHCS would like to grow their employees and offer opportunities for career advancement within the organization. AHCS will be sharing information about the program and financial assistance to interested employees.

  • The DS Director attended the State DS Council Meeting in Richmond, the Regional ID Council and REACH Advisory Meetings in Charlottesville. The DS Director attended the Public Guardianship Board Meeting and participated in the multidisciplinary team meetings for the guardianship meeting. The Director participated in the CCC Plus planning committee meetings.
  • Upcoming Events: April 2nd is Autism Awareness Day – Wear BLUE to bring about awareness!



Quality Improvement

Nancy Curry provided the following report:


UR, Compliance and EHR:

  • There were 13 Incident Reports processed during the month of January. There was one safety inspection in January.
  • There were 19 Incident Reports processed during the month of February. There was one safety inspection in February.
  • Surveys in process or completed: In-Home Support Services Model Review; Cost Information for CCC Plus Cost Projections for Case Managers; Licensure for MH Case Management, MHSS, ES, Clubhouse and New Beginnings. Have not received CAP yet. Overall positive review; Community Housing and Residential Capacity.


Staff Development:  This report is completed around the 10th of each month.

  • February 2017: Annual Training Compliance by Department. Admin – approximately 62%, DS – approximately 87%, MH/SA- approximately 91%.
  • No 32-Hour Medications Classes were administered in January or February.
  • No 4 Hour Med Overview Courses were administered in January. One 4 Hour Med Overview Course was administered in February.
  • New Hire Orientations were conducted in January and February.
  • No TOVA class was administered in January. One TOVA class was administered in February.
  • No Mental Health First Aid classes were administered in January or February.


Projects completed or currently in process:

DD Training Modules, CCC Plus, MAT, HR Regulations Revised, ARTS, Annual Agency P&P Review, QI Plan Update, PharmBlue, and ROI.



Attended Safety meeting in January.

Attended LHRC meeting in February.

Attended VACSB QL meeting in February.

Attended VA Credible Users meeting in March.

Attended Regional Nursing meetings in January, February and March.

Attended Annual Credible Conference with Jeannie, Adam and Teresa.



IT Manager Report:

Adam Kenny provided the following report:

Duties performed or in progress since January 2017:


Help Desk:

  • Completed 105 help desk requests.
  • Completed 124 Credible change requests.



  • Assisted with form changes in DD and MH.
  • Resolved issue with infant-toddler clients receiving client statements.
  • Set up and configured user for outside doctor to log in to Credible.
  • Met with Susan Chittum to prepare to bill New Beginnings.
  • Resolved issues regarding billing of VASAP clients.
  • Reviewed and submitted 270/271 files for eligibility.


Hardware and Networking:

  • Set up new computers for ES.
  • Met with Lumos to review the potential for ISP upgrade.
  • Installed new wireless access points at New Beginnings and Life Skills.
  • Resolved issues with nurse access to VA EHR.
  • Met with VA Premier to resolve issues with travel logs.
  • Set up new phone line for new case manager at MH.
  • Met with Dr. Zeltvay to configure telepsychiatry.
  • Met with Ricoh to complete new printer contract.
  • Starting the set up for new Active Directory architecture.
  • Started migration of anti-virus clients to new server.
  • Modified network diagram.




  • Attended monthly DMC meeting
  • Presented in new hire orientation
  • Attended bi-weekly leadership meetings
  • Attended ARTs meetings
  • Attended CCC Plus meetings
  • Attended Credible Partner Conference
  • Submitted monthly CCS report



Human Resources

Crystal Homer reported the following:


Loss Report:

  • Worker’s Comp Claims – 1 new (medical and will have lost time), YTD 1 closed and 3 open including new one
  • YTD Loss Summary – $5,838.74
  • Auto Claims – 0, YTD Loss Summary $185.60
  • Property Claims – 0



Open Positions as of 2/28/17:

Intellectual Disabilities –

  • Support Coordinator
  • Friendship Residence, In-Home and Life Skills – Direct Support Professional
  • Merryfield Residence – CNA/Direct Support Professional
  • Behavioral Navigator – Licensed Eligible/Licensed
  • On-Call Navigator – Licensed Eligible/Licensed
  • Community Day Support Coordinator


Mental Health –

  • Therapeutic Day Treatment Specialist
  • Psychiatrist – ongoing recruitment
  • New Beginnings Residential Technician
  • Case Manager – Adult
  • Mental Health – Intensive Services Clinician – LMHP-E
  • Prevention Coordinator
  • Janitor


Administration –

  • Maintenance Worker



FY16  – Total of 41 Separations

FY17 – Total of 36 Separations

General Updates:

  • Conducted compensation study on certain high turnover positions and adjusted rates
  • Continuing to create stronger social media and services awareness
  • Continuing to work on the establishment of position classification/compensation and reviews
  • Working on processes to develop internal staff for growth
  • Set up exit interviews online versus paper format


Financial Reports

  • Financial reports were submitted by Patty Flanagan


Ingrid Barber provided the following report:


  1. It is time for AHCS to actively pursue delivery of Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) services to address opioid addiction, currently identified as an epidemic in Virginia and nationally. Several bills and budget amendments were approved by the General Assembly.
  2. I will be preparing in the next few weeks to submit an RFP for a roof for the Guinan Center, also known as the Mental Health Clinic. This is long overdue, and I have solicited information from Roof Consulting Services, Inc. out of Glen Allen, Virginia to help us with specifications for the RFP. I will be reaching out to the City of Covington Building Inspector, Eric Tyree, to assist us with this project.
  3. I want to personally recognize Angie Goodbar and many other staff for going above and beyond in prepping and painting the rooms for the Home Depot Grant. She, along with many of the staff, have put in numerous hours to make the building look great. I also want to thank the many community volunteers that have helped in this effort.
  4. Employees were very grateful and thankful for the Employee Appreciation holiday. I received several positive phone calls and emails.
  5. Coordinated Care Plus (CCC+) information is continuing to be distributed from Medicaid and the VACSB. We have had some PowerPoint training for leadership, supervisors, and case management staff, and the leadership team has been meeting to examine cost of services, potential new services offered, and the process for accounting for the services in our electronic record. This is an expansion of the original dual eligible project. Individuals who are dual eligible, who had Medicaid and Medicare, will be required to participate. It is more than dual eligible – it also applies to a variety of waivers, etc. It will increase the number of individuals in the plans much more than those who were in the original coordinated care plans. We have gotten access to the webinars and we have reviewed and shared the information. We need to be credentialed to provide these services. Case management staff are encouraged to set up work groups to discuss implementation once the information is available. We have been working with Danielle Ross, our consultant on this initiative.



  1. On February 15, 2017, I, along with Felicia Prescott and the Alleghany CIT Group, attended a CIT site visit at LewisGale Alleghany Hospital to review a potential space for an assessment site. There is plenty of space on the backside of the hospital clinic for placement of an assessment site. The CIT Coordinator is obtaining rental information through the hospital. Felicia and I will be exploring any in-kind donation from the hospital for the assessment grant.




  1. Western State Hospital continues to operate at >95% capacity. While all state hospitals are extremely full, Western is consistently working to minimize their Extraordinary Barriers List (EBL) and find community placement to help with census. Individuals ready for discharge from state psychiatric hospitals are placed on the EBL when placement in the community is not possible due to barriers caused by waiting lists, resource deficits, or pending court dates.
  2. DBHDS is engaging with our region in a strong attempt to reduce bed census at Western, and to maintain a lower census. Thus far, our region, Region I, has made the largest impact in reducing the census among all regions.



  1. A summary of relevant budget amendments for FY18 is attached to this report. The summary was prepared and distributed by Dr. Jack Barber, Interim DBHDS Commissioner.
  2. A pleasant surprise in the General Assembly Conference Report is the expansion of the GAP program. This will expand financial eligibility.
  3. We will need to adopt and implement a strategy for targeted advocacy over the next six months in preparation for the 2018 General Assembly session. Our strategy will need to encompass advocacy for our long-term legislative priorities, as well as addressing some issues of concern.




  1. Update on the Alleghany Foundation Grant- Life Skills Moody Building
  2. Board Member Position Description updated
  3. Update/Approval of Board By-Laws for 2017
  4. Approval of FY2015 Form 990 – Tax Return for Alleghany Foundation



  1. VACSB Development and Training Conference: May 3-5, 2017 Renaissance Portsmouth Norfolk Hotel
  2. Funding Requests for Alleghany County/City of Covington
  3. RFP for Roof at Guinan Center – Mental Health Clinic
  4. Alleghany Highlands Community Services Fiscal Year 2015 Annual Report
  5. VACSB General Assembly/Budget Update






MOTION:  That the Board enter closed session to discuss Personnel Matters, as authorized by the Code of Virginia Sections 2.2-3711A.1.

MOTION:  Teresa Johnson

SECOND:   Bill Gilliland

VOTE:  Unanimous

TIME:  5:10 p.m.



A signed roll call was taken for each member present who certified that to the best of the member’s knowledge that:

-Only public business matters lawfully exempted from opening meeting requirements by Virginia law were discussed in the closed meeting to which this certification applies; and only such public business matters as were identified in the motion convening the closed meeting were heard, discussed or considered by the Alleghany Highlands Community Services Board.


Reconvene Regular Session:

MOTION:  Teresa Johnson

SECOND:   Robert Johnson, Jr.

VOTE:  Unanimous

TIME:  6:26 p.m.


MOTION:  That the Board approve the By-Laws for 2017

MOTION: Teresa Johnson

SECOND:  Bill Gilliland

VOTE: Unanimous


MOTION:  That the Board approve FY 2015 Form 990-Tax Return for Alleghany Foundation

MOTION: Nolan Nicely, Jr.

SECOND:  Teresa Johnson

VOTE:  Unanimous



MOTION:  That the March 16, 2017 regular meeting of the Alleghany Highlands Community Services Board be adjourned.

MOTION:  Teresa Johnson

SECOND:  Robert Johnson, Jr.


TIME:  6:29 p.m.


NEXT MEETING:   The next scheduled Board Meeting will be on Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 4:00 PM at the Administration Office located at 205 E. Hawthorne Street in Covington, Virginia.





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