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March 17, 2016


Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Alleghany Highlands Community Services Board held its regular meeting on March 17, 2016 at 4:00 p.m. at the Life Skills/Moody Building, located at 550 Pine Street in Clifton Forge, Virginia.

PRESENT: Robert McCallister, Connie Back, Anne Dean, Robert Johnson, Jr., Robin Mieras and Terrie Wright
ABSENT: Nolan Nicely, Jr., Lisa Hicks and Teresa Johnson

Also present: Ingrid W. Barber, Executive Director; Angie Goodbar, Director of Intellectual Disabilities Services; Cara Major, HR Manager; Adam Kenny, IT Manager, Jock Wedlowe, Controller; and Felicia Prescott, Director of Outpatient and Support Services

Anne Dean called the meeting to order at 4:04 p.m.

MOTION: That the Board go into a closed meeting under Virginia Code Section (s) 2.2-3711 concerning land/property issue.
MOTION: Robin Mieras
SECOND: Robert Johnson, Jr.
VOTE: Unanimous
TIME: 4:05 p.m.

MOTION: That the Board end the closed meeting concerning land/property issue.
MOTION: Robin Mieras
SECOND: Connie Back
VOTE: Unanimous
TIME: 4:40 p.m.

MOTION: That the Board approve the minutes of the November 15, 2015 regular meeting.
MOTION: Robert McCallister
SECOND: Robert Johnson, Jr.
VOTE: Unanimous
TIME: 4:45 p.m.

Mental Health & Substance Abuse
Felicia Prescott submitted the following report:
Prevention Services – The AHCS Red Ribbon Week door decorating contest at Mountain View Elementary School was a success. The winner of the contest was Mrs. Field’s 4th grade class and they were presented with a pizza party on November 4, 2015 which included pizza, drinks and candy. The class and teachers were very appreciative of the opportunity and presented a “thank you” card to the agency for providing the party.
Tim Preston, In-School Prevention Specialist, provided a “recognizing bullying” workshop to Hope, Inc. on November 18, 2015 to 23 people. His workshop provided participants with information on how to recognize bullying and action steps to take when bullying may be occurring.
OMNI, the vendor contracted by the Department of Behavioral Health to provide support to CSB’s related to evidence based prevention programs, came to the agency on November 12, 2015 for a site visit in regard to our Prevention logic model, data plan and ETO (Efforts to Outcome) data. Brandi Ward provided feedback and explained the upcoming evaluation plan is due to DBHDS by 12/31/15. Brandi is the agency’s technical assistance consultant from OMNI.

Children’s Services – Met with Rivermont School on November 13, 2015 in regard to beginning a group at the school during second semester. The plan is to provide this group to their 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students. The topic of the group will be bullying prevention for 30 minutes with a 30 minute group therapy to process the session. The group will last for a 10 week period and an evidenced based curriculum will be used.
TDT is now serving three students at Alleghany High School. The agency continues to encourage the staff at AHS to send out more referral letters to increase the caseload. AHCS provided an end of the semester report to the principle and school division leadership.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services – Members of the Alleghany Clubhouse and the program supervisor, Robbie Lawson, attended a Virginia Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (VAPRA) conference December 1-4, and facilitated a workshop titled “Singing Your Way to Wellness”. Clubhouse staff and individuals made Christmas jewelry the mini-business to aid buying new and exciting items that will assist the program. The clubhouse clerical unit has begun an exciting project putting together AHCS orientation booklets for potential and new individuals coming into the agency. The clerical unit put together 100 orientation booklets this month with the assistance of Clubhouse staff and QI manager Nancy Curry.

Emergency Services – The ES Team Leader co-facilitated a presentation to the nursing class at Dabney S. Lancaster Community College on Suicide and Crisis Intervention.

Psychiatric Services – The Nursing supervisor attended the annual fall VACPN conference in Lynchburg representing AHCS.

Intellectual Disabilities
Angie Goodbar provided the following report:
• Marketing efforts: Shawna Jefferson, Day Support Supervisor, presented information at the YMCA on November 9th for the “Navigating the Aging Process” Workshop. Michael Vint, Friendship Residence Supervisor, and Amy Haymaker, Support Coordinator, set up a booth at the Central Virginia Training Center Provider Fair on November 10th. Angie Goodbar, ID Director, presented information about ID Waiver to the Kiwanis Club on December 3rd.
• Partnerships: Elizabeth Heath, Director of Special Education, led the Local Special Education Advisory Committee on November 10th. The main focus of the meeting was to provide information to parents and the community about programs for children with significant cognitive disabilities. Speakers at the meeting included Angie Goodbar from AHCS, Cheryl Brown, TEACH Program, and Donnie Kern, DSLCC.

AHCS employees facilitate a monthly “Supported Employment Meeting” in partnership with local school system, Goodwill, Department of Aging and Rehab Services, DSLCC, Virginia Employment Commission, Jackson River Enterprises and Department of Social Services. The committee met at the Alleghany School Board office on December 14th and viewed an “Employment First” webinar. The group had discussion about how to engage other community businesses and employers in the employment first initiative. Starting July 1, 2016, waiver will no longer pay for prevocational services. Therefore, individuals currently enrolled in prevocational services will need to be transitioned to day support programs or participate with more integrated employment opportunities.

• Merryfield ICF/IID and Friendship Residence: Merryfield is currently at full capacity with all nine beds filled. Friendship Residence has seven of the eight beds filled. Merryfield held a “Friends and Family Dinner” on November 13th. This was an early Thanksgiving celebration that brought about the largest crowd yet at Merryfield. The individuals at Friendship Residence invited their loved ones to dinner on December 18th to enjoy fellowship during a Christmas party. Ingrid Barber, Executive Director, coordinated a visit from Santa and his wife at both residential programs. The residents were delighted with the visit.

• Annual holiday events and celebrations: The annual AHCS Christmas Dinner for families and individuals served was held on December 11th at Living Stone Ministries, Life House, in Clifton Forge. Life Skills Bells Group and Choir provided entertainment for the event. The participants of Life Skills Day Support Program made ornaments and decorated gift bags to be given as presents at the party.

• Update on the “Giving Tree” – AHCS employees and community members were encouraged to take an angel from the “Giving Tree” in order to provide gifts to individuals that may not receive any other gifts during the holidays. Intellectual Disability Services is proud to announce that the “Giving Tree” provided gifts for 46 individuals in our community.

• Merryfield Audit/Appeal: A formal appeal hearing was held in Richmond on November 9th. During this hearing, AHCS was appealing financial audit findings and requesting additional add back salaries that were not originally captured in the start-up expenses for Merryfield ICF/IID. Employees of the Leadership Team worked many hours gathering additional evidence and documentation to clearly support the start-up expenses for Merryfield ICF/IID. AHCS was able to obtain $88,000 of add back salaries that were not originally captured in the start-up expenses.

• The ID Director attended the State DS Council Meeting in Henrico, chaired the Regional DS Council Meeting in Radford, participated in the monthly regional REACH conference calls, attended the VALID meeting in Richmond and Public Guardianship Multidisciplinary Team Meeting at AHCS. The ID Director also participated in the following meetings: to update the AHCS fee schedule, client assistance funds, reimbursement meetings, and health information meetings to streamline payment for release of records.

Quality Improvement
Nancy Curry provided the following report:
UR, Compliance and EHR:
• There were 23 Incident Reports processed during the month of November and 17 in October. There was one safety inspection in September and one in October.
• There were 33 Incident Reports processed in January 2016 and 18 in February 2016.
• There was one safety inspection each month in November 2015, December 2015, January 2016 and February 2016.
• Surveys in process or completed: VACSB Non-Methadone Opioid Replacement Therapy Survey, Adult Day Care Audit by DSS.

Staff Development: This report is completed around the 10th of each month.
• November 2015: 139 staff with 87% compliance for annual training (7 courses); December 2015: 135 staff with 87% compliance; January 2016: 139 staff with 91% compliance; and February 2016: 135 staff with 90% compliance.
• 32-hour Medications Classes were administered in December 2015 and February 2016. New Hire Orientations were conducted in November and December 2015, and in January, February and March 2016.
• 4-Hour medications Classes were administered in November 2015 and January 2016.
• TOVA classes were administered in November and December 2015 and January and February 2016.
• A Mental Health First Aid class was administered in March 2016.
• Assisted Felicia in training/retraining of MH Case Managers
• Jeannie conducted inservice training for Friendship Residence and held a Lifting and Transferring class for new hires in ID.

Projects currently in process:
Incident Reporting in Credible, Destruction of old paper charts, Billing Processes, Complaint Process Setup, Annual P&P Review (Agency, Financial, HR), New Beginnings Startup, Develop Active Shooter Training/Code System, Set up evaluations in Relias.

Attended Safety Meeting in January 2016.
Attended LHRC Meeting in November 2015 and February 2016.
Attended VACSB QM Meeting in December 2015 and January and February 2016.
Attended VA Credible Users Meeting in November and December.
Will attend the National Credible Users Convention with Adam and Jeannie at the end of March.

IT Manager Report:
Adam Kenny provided the following report:
Duties performed or in progress since September 2015:
Help Desk:
• Completed 67 help desk requests.
• Completed 180 Credible change requests.
• Assisted with form changes in ID and MH.
• Created new SA Case Management teams/approval roles.
• Setup Drug Lab testing for new hiring agencies.
• Tested Medicaid eligibility in Credible.
• Setup New Beginnings teams/approval roles.
• Setup and tested new Merryfield billable notes.
• Created reports for provider time forms.
• Reviewed Meaningful Use for this year and started reviewing stage 2 processes for next year.
• Created new notification triggers for quarterly reviews and CM referrals.
• Created tutorial for electronically posting claims.
• Implemented new signature pad driver across the agency.

Hardware and Networking:
• Setup new Windows 7/10 installation disc

• Attended monthly DMC meeting.
• Attended reimbursement meetings
• Attended all supervisors meeting
• Participated in new hire orientation
• Met with Mr. Love from Valley CSB
• Met with web developer on website changes/additions
• Submitted monthly CCS data
• Attended Policy and Procedure meetings

Human Resources
Cara Major reported the following:
• For Fiscal Year 2016, there have been 31 New Hires and 29 Terminations.

Loss Report:
• There were 7 Worker’s Comp Claims, two auto claims (windshield repair and bus door), and no property claims.
• Advertising was done through websites: VEC, Indeed, Craigslist, Facebook, Shentel, Monster and Covington Radio Stations and through newspapers: Virginian Review, Lewisburg, Roanoke, Staunton, Lexington, Lynchburg, and The Recorder.
Filled Positions:
• Intellectual Disabilities – DSP (In Home Residential and Friendship); Skilled Nursing Nurse; Day Support
• Mental Health – Case Managers (2); New Beginnings Coordinator; New Beginnings Skill Builder; and New Beginnings Technician
• Admin – Controller
Open Positions:
• Intellectual Disabilities –Direct Support Professional (In Home, Friendship); C.N.A.; RN; In Home Residential Supervisor
• Mental Health – Outpatient Clinician; Case Manager, Case Manager Supervisor, Child/Family Therapist and New Beginnings Technician

General Updates:
• Flexible Spending Open Enrollment – December
• Holiday Celebrations – Jingle Mingle, etc.
• Holiday Door Decorating Contest
• Employee Survey conducted
• Mid Year Salary Performance Reviews
• FY 15 Annual Report is being compiled
• Conducted multiple interviews
• Above and Beyond Award
• Job Fair March 4 at AHCS Admin Office
• Policy and Procedure Review and Update
• Employee Breakfast March 10th at 9:30

Attended BB&T Webinars and VACORP Webinars
• BB&T Webinars
• March 15 and 16 – DSLCC Job Fairs
• April – SHRM Conference
• May – VACSB HR Committee

Financial Reports
• A financial report was provided by Jock Wedlowe. He explained the revenues and expenses for the month of February.
Ingrid Barber provided the following report:
1. Guinan Center Update – Ingrid provided an update to the Board regarding the roofing issues due to recent snow and heavy rain. Two reports were made to OSHA by employees who had concerns about mold and water issues due to the leak. OSHA conducted two inspections and determined that there was no cause for concern. Serve Pro will be coming in to clean up the area and disinfect the building. A roofing company from Harrisonburg VA came last week and repaired all areas that were leaking. The next phase after the cleaning is to replace the tiles in the ceiling. Felicia’s program (veteran’s telepsych program) had the most damage but should be up and running by the end of month.
2. Update on the Alleghany Foundation Grant – Life Skills/Moody Building – Ingrid provided update regarding the flooring in the building. She talked to Mary Fant Donnan at the Foundation and Mary asked about repurposing the grant. Ingrid wants to meet with Mary.
3. ICF Update – AHCS is still awaiting the resettlement of cost settlement for 2013 and 2014 to be redone. Ingrid hopes to have the figures/information by the end of the month.
4. Update on property issue with the Town of Clifton Forge – Ingrid will be working with our attorney to reach out to the Town of Clifton Forge attorney to discuss the land.
5. Update/Approval of Board By-Laws – MOTION: That the Board approve the By-Laws
MOTION: Robert Johnson, Jr.
SECOND: Robert McCallister
VOTE: Unanimous
TIME: 5:30 p.m.
6. Reschedule Board Training for Robert Johnson, Terrie Wright and Nolan Nicely – Ingrid will check with Nolan to see if he could meet with everyone for a morning or lunch appointment. Anne asked that Terrie be given a tour of all the facilities and Ingrid agreed to do so.
7. Approval of Form 990-Tax Return for Alleghany Foundation – MOTION: That the Board approve Form 990
MOTION: Robin Mieras
SECOND: Robert Johnson, Jr.
VOTE: Unanimous
TIME: 5:34 p.m.
8. Results of Employee Survey – Ingrid gave a summary of the results of the employee survey recently conducted. We had 67 participants and the results were mostly favorable.

1. VACSB Development and Training Conference will be held May 4-6, 2016: VACSB Professional Development Conference (Renaissance Portsmouth-Norfolk Hotel)
2. Tax Exempt Issue with City of Covington – The Commissioner of Revenue had requested that AHCS pay property taxes going back to the last three years. Because AHCS is a political subdivision, our agency is exempt from taxes. Ingrid has turned this issue over to the agency attorney.
3. Approval of VALIC Cash-Match Resolution – MOTION: That the Board approve the VALIC Cash-Match Resolution
MOTION: Robert Johnson, Jr.
SECOND: Connie Back
VOTE: Unanimous
TIME: 5:45 p.m.
4. Funding Requests for Alleghany County/City of Covington – AHCS has to request the 10% match from each locality per the performance contract. Through the jail meetings, it was decided to ask for the funds to come directly to AHCS to pay for the jail services.
5. Kovar Grant – Friendship House Kitchen Remodel – Ingrid and Angie completed the information to apply for the Kovar grant. The Board had to approve the submission of the grant.
MOTION: That the Board approve the KOVAR grant.
MOTION: Robert Johnson, Jr.
SECOND: Robin Mieras
VOTE: Unanimous
TIME: 6:00 p.m.
6. Alleghany Highlands Community Services Fiscal Year 2015 Annual Report – Ingrid distributed copies of the new annual report to the board members.
7. VACSB General Assembly/Budget Update – Ingrid provided an update on the General Assembly and Budget, citing changes to the ID and developmental services because of the DOJ settlement agreement. The prescreener qualifications will change, effective July 1, 2016. Ingrid discussed other bills that are under consideration.


MOTION: That the Board enter closed session to discuss Personnel Matters, as authorized by the Code of Virginia Sections 2.2-3711A.1.
MOTION: Robert McCallister
SECOND: Robert Johnson, Jr.
VOTE: Unanimous
TIME: 6:19p.m.

Reconvene Regular Session:
MOTION: Robin Mieras
SECOND: Robert McCallister
VOTE: Unanimous
TIME: 7:13 p.m.

A signed roll call was taken for each member present who certified that to the best of the member’s knowledge that:
-Only public business matters lawfully exempted from opening meeting requirements by Virginia law were discussed in the closed meeting to which this certification applies; and only such public business matters as were identified in the motion convening the closed meeting were heard, discussed or considered by the Alleghany Highlands Community Services Board.

MOTION: That the March 17, 2016 regular meeting of the Alleghany Highlands Community Services Board be adjourned.
MOTION: Robert McCallister
SECOND: Connie Back
TIME: 7:14 p.m.

NEXT MEETING: The next scheduled Board Meeting will be on Thursday, May 19, 2016 at 4:00 PM at the Administration Office located at 205 E. Hawthorne Street in Covington, Virginia.

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