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Emergency Contact: 540-965-6537
Emergency Services: (after 5PM) 1-800-446-0128

May 15, 2014

205 E. Hawthorne Street
Covington, VA 24426
Office (540) 965-2135


Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Alleghany Highlands Community Services Board held its regular meeting on May 15, 2014 at 5:30 p.m. at the Administration Office located at 205 E. Hawthorne Street, Covington, VA.

PRESENT: Connie Back, Carla Dobbs, Teresa Johnson, Charlie Laws, Nolan R. Nicely, Jr. and Anne Dean.

Also present: Ingrid W. Barber, Executive Director; QuoVadis Washington-Brown, Director of Outpatient and Support Services; Angie Goodbar, Director of Intellectual Disabilities Services, Cara Major, HR Manager; Adam Kenny, IT Manager; Donna Conner, Chief Financial Officer, Nancy Curry, Quality Improvement Manager and Andrea Dilley, Emergency Services Supervisor.

Absent: Robert McCallister, Robert H. Johnson, Jr., and Lisa Hicks.

Teresa Johnson, Chairman called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.

MOTION: That the Board approve the minutes of the March 27, 2014 regular meeting.
MOTION: Carla Dobbs
SECOND: Charlie Laws
VOTE: Unanimous

Board Education: Ingrid introduced and welcomed Andrea Dilley, Emergency Services Supervisor.
Andrea gave an overview of some of the upcoming changes in the Emergency Services department and discussed the new regulations and laws that will go into effect July 1, 2014. One of which is that the ECO has been extended to 8 hours.

ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) was completed by one of our employees and now that the individual is a certified instructor, additional trainings are being scheduled for other staff.

Andrea stated that we are seeing less cycling of the same individuals in Emergency Services but are seeing more new patients than we have in the past.

The Bed Registry has gone into effect and AHCS Emergency Services is using this new tool. She stated it is useful for the State on data collection. (To provide real-time data for this registry)

Communications: Copies of letters to the Editor for May (Mental Health Month) were provided in the packets.


Mental Health & Substance Abuse
QuoVadis Washington-Brown provided the following report:

• QuoVadis reported that AHCS Outpatient Services has been on the move and staff have been attending training related to changes in the behavioral health field to include: 2014 Virginia Community Services Board Training Conference (April 29-May 2), 2014 Prevention Services Conference (May 12-13), and High Fidelity Wrap Around Training for Intensive Care Coordination (Children’s Services May 21-23).

• QuoVadis reported that Therapists, Nurses, Psychiatrists, and Case Managers have completed training for the Virginia Commonwealth Coordinated Care Program that will integrate behavioral health and medical service delivery to individuals with chronic mental illness, intellectual disabilities, and substance use disorders with chronic medical conditions such as COPD, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, Diabetes will be given the opportunity to participate in coordinated care to decrease the need for emergency services and hospitalizations.

• QuoVadis reported that on May 14, 2014 Director and Case Management Supervisor attended a meeting at Rockbridge Area Community Services regarding MH Targeted Case Management hosted by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services. Questions regarding Case Management and the provision of case management services were discussed.

• QuoVadis reported that she along with Ingrid and Andrea Dilley will attend Town Hall Meeting regarding the 2014 Legislative Changes to Emergency Services Code on May 19, 2014 in Roanoke, Virginia. There are several changes to the code to include extension of ECO, seeking beds with assistance from state hospitals, reporting TDO and ECO data to the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services. More information regarding changes to the code will be shared along with AHCS processes and Region 7 procedures in July 2014.

• QuoVadis reported that May is Mental Health Awareness Month! AHCS will host a Health Fair at the Family Christian Center on May 23, 2014 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Various health screenings, mental health and substance abuse screenings will be provided throughout the day. All are welcome to attend.

• QuoVadis reported that MH/SA has welcomed several new staff to their team.

Intellectual Disabilities
Angie Goodbar provided the following report:

• Angie reported that DBHDS is still working with a national consulting group, Human Services Research Institute (HSRI) and their subcontractor, Burns and Associates, to conduct a study of our system of supports for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (ID/DD) in Virginia. Burns and Associates requested that CSBs complete a waiver rate study of services to assure that the new waiver rates are commensurate with the costs of providing services. Many AHCS employee hours have been dedicated to researching information about services provided in FY 13 including the number of individuals served in each waiver program, direct and indirect time, the amount of weekly visits and the length of visits.

• Angie reported that the three Waiver Redesign Subcommittees continue to meet on a regular basis to prepare for the consolidation of the ID/DD Waiver. The Subcommittees consist of individuals receiving waiver, family members, advocacy groups, providers and CSB’s. 1. Case Management Subcommittee- recommends that all ID/DD services are provided by the CSB with the CSB having the option to contract out the service. 2. Wait List Subcommittee – The majority has suggested that the waiver wait list be managed regionally instead of the current model where all slots are allocated locally. 3. Eligibility Subcommittee- recommends two types of waiver including a comprehensive waiver and a supports waiver. It is suggested that all new individuals on the wait list receive a waiver slot based upon need.

• Angie reported that the months of March and April were very exciting times for the individuals receiving ID services. March was Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month and the individuals that we support enjoyed practicing for and being a part of the “Just About Me” or JAM event. The event took place at Gleason Hall Auditorium at Clifton Middle School on March 29th. This event showcased three stories about the individuals that AHCS supports and how they have accomplished many goals. Individuals with ID/DD performed at the event through hand bells, singing and dance. The individuals that we support were offered the opportunity to form a dance group, “The Fancy Jammers” which was taught by Giyanna Haynes of Garlynda’s Fancy Feet. They danced to the Michael Jackson hit “JAM”. The “Fancy Jammers” have been invited to participate in the Fancy Feet Dance Recital on May 16th.

• Angie reported that as summer approaches, support coordinators are assisting individuals with enrolling in services and supports that will be needed while school is out. Individuals and families are being encouraged to utilize the most integrated and community based services. Most of these individuals have opted to receive residential in-home services in the past. AHCS has taken this opportunity to educate families about alternatives such as employment and day support services.

• Angie reported that in April, Tiffany Reynolds, Supervisor of Residential Services was asked to read for story hour at the Charles Pickney Jones Memorial Library. One of the individuals supported by in-home services attended story hour and helped to present the books and assist the children with crafts. She enjoyed this opportunity and looks forward to doing it again. Other fun and exciting events for individuals receiving services included a trip to the Cheese Shop in Gap Mills, WV and to a Kite Festival in Salem, VA.

• Angie reported that the Early Intervention program experienced a recent audit by the State Part C QMR in which selected charts were sent to the auditors that represented documentation of services provided. The audit resulted in technical assistance without any paybacks. The State Part C office has sent out family surveys. Professional Therapies of Roanoke, who has provided a physical therapist for our local ITC system, has recently made occupational therapy services available.

• Angie reported that The “Employment First” Community Awareness Committee of the Highlands is a newly formed committee with a mission to provide enhanced community awareness about the Employment First Initiative as well as employment resources and opportunities in the Alleghany Highlands. This committee is spearheaded by AHCS and works collaboratively with other agencies in the community promoting employment. The committee advocates for quality employment services in integrated community-based work settings for people with disabilities. AHCS and other committee members will be sponsoring an “Employment First” Job and Resource Fair on June 6, 2014, 9:00 am to 3:00pm at the First Christian Church (Family Life Center)231 East Fudge Street in Covington, Virginia. Over 15 employers from the local community will be represented at the Job and Resource Fair.

Quality Improvement
Nancy Curry provided the following report:

UR, Compliance and EHR

• Nancy reported that the annual agency wide P & P workgroup continues to review and update the manual. Target completion date is June 30th and the committee is on schedule to meet this deadline.
• Nancy reported that she began the facilitation of COOP (Continuity of Operations Plan) Workgroup in April. We will have a subgroup of the residential supervisors to focus specifically on their areas. Target completion date for this project is June 30th.

• Nancy reported that she and Adam Kenny began the process of revising the security matrix in Credible.

• Nancy reported that AHCS currently has 3 staff in various stages of the credentialing process.

Staff Development
• Nancy reported that as of May 12, 2014 AHCS had 151 staff enrolled in Relias.

• Nancy conducted one Mental Health First Aid Class for the community on Saturday, 4/5/14. We had 20 individuals sign up and 8 attended. Susan Chittum co-facilitated the training.

• Nancy reported that AHCS will be conducting a MHFA class for the Charles P. Jones Memorial Library staff on 5/23/14.

• Nancy participated in two New Hire Orientation trainings.

• Nancy reported that Jill Upchurch completed revising the Medication Administration training course. The new Med. Admin refresher class has been created and added to Relias for staff to complete. Jill will continue to teach the 32 Hour course but will review the curriculum for this and the refresher class with all nurses who are instructors.

• Nancy reported that Jill Upchurch created and implemented a medication administration auditing tool to be used by residential supervisors and nurses. Jill provided training to supervisors and nurses on how to use this tool for auditing.

• Nancy Assisted with the ID Rate Survey that was due on 5/19/14. Worked closely with Angie Goodbar to run reports gathering the required service data.

• Nancy attended the VACSB May 2014 Development and Training Conference.

IT Manager Report
Adam Kenny provided the following report:

Help Desk
• Adam completed 38 help desk requests.
• Adam completed 95 credible change requests.

• Adam implemented new Meaningful Use measures and reporting.
• Adam completed form changes for new Meaningful Use measures.

Hardware and Networking
• Adam setup Chromebooks for orientation.
• Adam provisioned 11 computers.
• Adam met with Advanced Telco to get quote on wiring/phone changes at MH.
• Adam met with Highland Computers to get quote on surveillance for MH.
• Adam moved Doctors and Nurses back to their office.
• Adam recycled old computers, monitors, and hard drives with Scott Recycling.
• Adam recycled old cell phones with E-cycle.
• Adam setup texting capabilities for TimeTrak.
• Adam swapped out all agency cell phones and MIFI devices.

• Adam attended monthly DMC meetings in Richmond.
• Adam participated in the agency wide Policy and Procedure review.
• Adam participated in COOP meetings.
• Adam started committee for Recovery Run and held 2 meetings.
• Adam resolved issues with Salaried Evaluation Form.
• Adam participated in JAM event.

Human Resources
Cara Major reported the following:
• Cara reported 10 new hires and 6 terminations for the months of April-May.
• Cara reported the turnover rate of 34.0% for FY14.

Loss Report
• Cara reported 2 Worker’s Comp Claims with no medical attention needed.
• Cara reported 2 auto claims.
• Cara reported 1 property claim at the ID Office.

• Reported that advertising for open positions are published through VEC, Job.Roanoke.com, Indeed, Monster, VA Review, Roanoke, Lewisburg, Southwest Virginia Journal, Lexington.
• Reported that AHCS had a Job Fair in April 2014.
• Cara reported the following filled positions
Intellectual Disabilities
o In-Home DSP (2), Merryfield (1), Friendship (1 pending offer)
o Van Driver (2)
Mental Health
o Case Manager (2)
o Case Manager Supervisor
o New Beginnings Coordinator
o Clinical Outpatient Supervisor
o SA Therapist
o Mental Health Supports

• Reported the following Open positions:
Intellectual Disabilities
o Direct Support Professional (In-Home, Merryfield and Friendship House)
o RN (Lifeskills Part-Time)

Mental Health
o Support Provider (Full-Time)
o New Beginnings Support Provider (Full-Time)
o New Beginnings Technician (Full-Time)
o Community Supports Supervisor (Full-Time)
o Emergency Services Clinician (Part-Time)

General Updates
• Cara reported working on the Agency Facebook Administration Policy.
• Cara reported that she is working with Kaufman and Canoles on the AHCS HR Policies and Procedures.
• Cara reported that AHCS will be having their Employee Family Picnic on June 14, 2014.
• Cara reported that she is updating the Agency Website-Basic changes have been made, next step is for the directors to review their programming information.
• Cara met with DSLCC on May 9th to discuss the need for a Human Services track at the college.
• Cara reported that salaried performance evaluations are currently underway-due June 6th to HR.
• Cara provided personnel information for the ID Waiver Survey Data.
• Cara provided the VRS Resolutions for the upcoming Fiscal Year 2015.

• Cara attended the Kaufman and Canoles Employment Law Update Seminar in Richmond on April 3, 2014.
• Cara attended the SHRM State Conference in Hot Springs 4/27/14-4/30/14.
• Cara attended the VACSB Conference in Norfolk on April 30-May 2, 2014.
• Cara visited New River Valley CSB HR Office on May 8, 2014.
• Cara participated in several Webinars: VACO, BB$T, Kaufman & Canoles, and Ascentis

Financial Reports
Donna Conner provided the following report:

Balance Sheet:
▪Total Cash at the end of April 2014 is $945,803, an increase of $16,603 since March. (Total cash includes $61,498 from the Foundation)
▪Total Assets increased by $15,064 since March 2014.
▪Total Liabilities increased by $40,092 since March 2014.
▪Total Stockholders’ Equity is $1,864,717 at the end of April 2014 which includes current Fiscal Year-to-Date Surplus of $82,405.

Income Statement:
Total Agency for the month of April 2014 closed with a Net Deficit of $25,028 but YTD Net Surplus of $82,405. AHCS was closed one full day and had two days with delayed openings in the month of March all due to inclement weather.

Ingrid Barber provided the following report:

Ingrid spoke with the Rotary Group, a civic organization on May 8, 2014 and gave them an overview of all the services AHCS provides to the community.

Old Business
• Ingrid stated that because the Legislature has not approved a budget for the State, AHCS does not have the FY15 Budget available for the Board. She stated that as soon as the Legislature passes a budget and DBHDS sends out Letters of Notifications to the CSB’s we will prepare the FY15 Performance Contract and budget for presentation at the next Finance Committee meeting to be held on June 4, 2014 at 5:00 pm.
• Ingrid reported that AHCS will be holding a Planning and Advocacy committee meeting on September 30, 2014 at 4:00 p.m.
• Ingrid provided an update on the Catawba Regional Partnership and the Journey House Dap Plans.
• Ingrid reported that both she and the MH Director met with Dennis Cropper and other staff at RACSB regarding the dissolution of the New Lease on Life Grant as of June 30, 2014.
• Ingrid gave an update on the Moody building and stated that the contractor will be coming out to make his recommendations on how much it will cost for the necessary repairs.

New Business
• Ingrid reported that DBHDS has come out with a new DAP manual detailing how the funding can be spent and what the requirements are for the accounting of funding.
• Ingrid discussed the new VRS resolutions and turned the discussion over to Cara Major to present to the Board of Directors for their approval.

1.) VRS Biennium contribution
2.) Employee contribution for employees hired before July 1, 2012.

APPROVAL of VRS Resolutions for FY2015 May 15, 2014 REGULAR MEETING
MOTION: That the May 15, 2014 regular meeting of the Alleghany Highlands Community Services Board approve the VRS Biennium contribution rate and the Employee contribution for employees hired before July 1, 2012:
MOTION: Carla Dobbs
SECOND: Nolan Nicely
VOTE: Unanimous
TIME: 7:15 p.m.

• Ingrid spoke about the upcoming Public Policy Conference (VASCB Conference) to be held October 1 – 3, 2014 at the Hotel Roanoke.
• Ingrid stated that the General Assembly has not agreed on a budget at this time.
• Ingrid reminded the Board and staff of the upcoming Employee Picnic on Saturday, June 14th.

MOTION: That the Board enter closed session to discuss Personnel Matters and Real Estate, as authorized by the Code of Virginia Sections 2.2-3711A.1.
MOTION: Nolan Nicely SECOND: Anne Dean
VOTE: Unanimous
TIME: 7:27 p.m.

A signed roll call was taken for each member present who certified that to the best of the member’s knowledge that:
– Only public business matters lawfully exempted from opening meeting requirements by Virginia law were discussed in the closed meeting to which this certification applies; and only such public business matters as were identified in the motion convening the closed meeting were heard, discussed or considered by the Alleghany Highlands Community Services Board.

MOTION: That the May 15, 2014 regular meeting of the Alleghany Highlands Community Services Board be adjourned.
MOTION: Anne Dean
SECOND: Nolan Nicely
VOTE: Unanimous
TIME: 8:20 p.m.

The next scheduled Board Meeting will be on Thursday, July 17, 2014 at 5:00 pm. at Administration Office – 205 E. Hawthorne Street, Covington, VA.

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