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Emergency Contact: 540-965-6537
Emergency Services: (after 5PM) 1-800-446-0128

Archive for May 2016

Mental Health Awareness Walk/Lunch Called Big Success

Turnout for the well-advertised May 16 Mental Health Awareness Walk/Lunch exceeded expectations, with nearly 75 participants taking advantage of mild weather to walk through town and enjoy a catered meal at Fudge Street Cafe. There the walkers from AHCS, lngevity Women’s Network, both co-sponsors ofthe event, were joined by members of the public and representatives…

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month!

1 in 5 Americans will be affected by a mental health condition in their lifetime and every American is affected or impacted through their friends and family. Take action today to help others as we fight stigma, provide support, educate the public and advocate for equal care.

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04/18/2016 “Smoking Stinks” Fair

AHCS held a “Smoking Stinks” fair at Callaghan Elementary School on Monday, April 18, 2016. The purpose of the fair was to educate students on the dangers of smoking.  A total of 73 students from the 4th and 5th grade classes all signed the Smoking Stinks pledge.  Pictured are 5th graders, along with Mr. Bartley,…

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